Calendar Pro  Frequently Asked Questions

1) Do I need a copy of FileMaker Pro to use CalendarPro?

NO! As an official developer of FileMaker Pro, we can compile the program so that FileMaker is not needed and you can run the program without purchasing a copy of FileMaker Pro.

2) What system requirements are needed to run SalesPro?

Check out system requirements on our requirements page.

3) Is the Program Year 2000 Compliant?


Note: If you import / transfer data from a non-complaint program that stores it's dates using 2 letters designations (1/1/00) instead of the proper 4 letter designations (1/1/2000) you may need to use the replace command to convert your data. This is only an issue if any of your data is in the range 1/1/00 to 12/31/09.

More information can be found at FileMaker Pro's site

4) What is your support policy?

Maintenance updates are available free from our web site. Maintenance updates include bug fixes and minor enhancements to the program.

When a newer version arrives with increased functionality, you will need to pay for these increased capabilities if you desire to have them.

5) Is customization available to fine tune the program further to my business needs?

YES! Our programmers can add additional features, if desired, at a rate of $110/hr. (A firm quote will be provided before the work begins).

6) Is on site training available?

YES! Cost is $800 for a 1 day training + Travel Expenses.

7) Can I set pricing specific to each customer?

YES! By using the price group fields in the inventory and sub-inventory file.

8) Can I email clients from CalendarPro?

YES! But you must meet the following criteria, or use a Filemaker Plugin.

To send mail, you must have an Internet connection and:

9) Can I have a larger appearance when the window is open?

YES! Use the tool in the lower left corner of any window! The program remembers your last settings when you launch the program the next time (unless your using a multi-user version, then it uses the last way the server version was open as it's default.

Use these tools --> Left button is the reduce, right button is the enlarge.

10) Can I put more comments in than the limited area in the contact or customer screen?

11) Can the program auto-enter information based on the first few letters.

12) What is the difference between Contacts & Customers?

13) Why isn't there a close box on each window?

14) Is there a Time and Date stamp on each entry?

15) Is there a reminder feature?

16) Can we import data from another product?

17) How do I return to TODAY in the calendar file?

18) Can the calendar be divided into 30 minute intervals?

19) Print to a day-timer format?

20) Create a quote from within the application?


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