S a l e s P r o  S o f t w a r e
SalesPro billing software is a FileMaker Pro business program template. If you have ever bought a billing or accounting software package off the shelf before and had the need to customize it further, then SalesPro is for you. We offer SalesPro as a springboard to your very own custom billing software. SalesPro is a series of template files we have carefully programmed with 95% of all the common billing functionality you would get from that boxed version of billing software from the computer superstore shelf. The templates then open the door to customization according to YOUR business needs. Since not everyone can afford to build their own custom software from the ground up, we offer Salespro and then our custom services. The customization recommendations come from YOU and are implemented according to YOUR needs. That way you get all those standard features you love from that boxed billing software AND functionality that is written according to your specific business operations.

Sorry, the SalesPro templates are not sold separately without our customization. This is because we have carefully programmed SalesPro to be customizable. If all you need is a billing software package off the shelf, then look to your computer superstore. If you want flexibility and customization now and whenever your growing business demands it, then SalesPro is for you!

  • Maintain customer profiles.
  • Generate invoices, packing lists and pick sheets.
  • General billing.
  • General accounting.
  • Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Reports broken out by 0-30 days, 31-60, 61-90 and 90+
  • Inventory Tracking, Sales History, Inventory Reports.
  • Cross Reference to your Bank Account.
  • Purchasing.
  • UPS Shipping rates.
  • Unlimited Pricing Levels
  • Multiple price levels, and inventory numbers for inventory items.
  • Every Zip and AreaCode in the USA ensures order entry accuracy. Track sales by region!
  • more...
Available for both single and multiusers.
Mac (OS 9 and OS X) and Win compatible.

A copy of FileMaker Pro is not required to run SalesPro.

Single User: $999 
Multi-User (2): $1295 
Multi-User (3-4): $1495 
Multi-User (5-8): $2495 
Multi-User (9-10): $2995 
Multi-User (11-15): $3795 
Multi-User (16-25): $4995 
Multi-User (26-100): $9995
Customization: $125 an hour

Customization is quoted either hourly or by project.

E-mail any questions you may have.


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