TeeTime  S o f t w a r e

Full test version available below.

1/26/2004! Now Version 2.02 is Available.

Thank you for your interest in TeeTime Software.

The TeeTime software allows you to electronically manage all your golfing teetimes. Keep an entire log of everyone who has reserved and/or cancelled a tee time. No more messy paper sheets. Get any TeeTime calendar for the entire year with the click of a mouse.

Some of the features it includes are:


  • Customize Calendars for different start times for different times of the year. (new!)
  • Maintain customer profiles.
  • Tee time sheets and starter sheets.
  • Track Tee Time appointments.
  • Block off large blocks of times for group outings.
  • Book repeating teetimes with one click.
  • The Tee Time Program does not do billing or accounting functions,
  • although it has been slated for integrations with our SalesPro Software in late 2004.
  • And many, many more...please try our demo.
TeeTime is available for both single users and multi-users.
The TeeTime software is a FileMaker Pro® business program, (a copy of Filemaker Pro® is not required to run the program).
Y2K Compatible, see FilemakerPro's Y2K Compliant Disclosure.

System Requirements.

Single User Version: $199 - Available 10/1/2000!

Multi-User Version (2-100 users): $895 + $49/computer


Stand alone Demo for Macintosh® TeeTime.hqx (4.3 MB) OR TeeTime.sit (3.0 MB)
Stand alone Demo for Windows® TeeTime.zip (3.3 MB) 


MAC System 7.0 to 9.1 compatible. As well as OS X!

Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, XP, ME

E-mail your questions to: info@maceasycomputing

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